Baby Crib Wedge with Memory Foam Pillow | Firm Memory Foam Specially Designed for Infants | 12 Degree Incline Recommended For...

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CUSTOM FORMULATED MEMORY FOAM WEDGE PILLOW | Our memory foam pillow has been custom formulated to provide the proper firmness recommended for your baby with the comfort and support that memory foam is known for. Memory foam is known to help prevent your baby from developing "Flat Head Syndrome". Our custom memory foam pillow is the only crib wedge on the market with custom memory foam. Why settle for a basic foam wedge?
ACID REFLUX & INDIGESTION RELIEF | The Gigil Slanted Sleeper crib wedge features a 12 degree incline which is the recommended incline by pediatricians to provide infant relief from acid reflux, indigestion and other ailments such as congestions and earaches that can cause your baby discomfort and prevent him/her from being able to achieve proper sleep.
HYPOALLERGENIC & ANTIMICROBIAL BAMBOO WASHABLE COVER | Bamboo fabric is recognized for being softer and safer than cotton fabric as well as being earth friendly. One of the most amazing properties of bamboo fabric is that it has antimicrobial properties. These natural antimicrobial agents help reduce bacteria that thrive on fabric, bedding, as well as on the human skin
BEST CRIB WEDGE VALUE | While we have taken the extra care and expense of using custom memory foam and a antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and sustainable pillow cover, the Gigil Slanted Sleeper is priced competitively with other brands using sub standard foam and basic covers. Also, if for any reason The Gigil Slanted Sleeper crib wedge does not meet your standards or does not provide relief and better sleep for your child, please return the product. We stand by a full 60 day money back guarantee
UNIVERSAL CRIB FIT & A PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT | The Gigil Slanted Sleeper is 27.5" wide, making it a perfect fit for most standard US cribs. The Slanted Sleeper baby crib wedge makes the perfect baby shower gift

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